The adventures of the survivors of Carranque reachs its climax in this 500 pages long sequel to the acclaimed The Wanderers.

The Carranque camp lives sweet moments. After they survived the attack of Isidro and its maddening hordes of walking deads, the survivors allowed themselves to deliver dreams and hopes for the inmediate future, prompted by the discoveries of Dr. Rodriguez. Juan Aranda, their leader, decides to use his new status to explore the city looking for others who might still be alive.

It has passed three months since the start of the zombie pandemic that ravaged the planet and surviving is becoming increasingly hard. His personal journey, not free of vicissitudes, makes him to run away of Carranque, where the influence of nefarious designs threatens to turn it into a city of the dead: a necropolis.

The critics and reviews are unanimous: the second chapter on the Wanderers sage is a much mature novel, combining intense action and pace that prevents anyone to stop reading.With the double of pages, Necropolis brings new characters to the world of The Wanderers and goes deep in the mystery of the zombie phenomenon. New discoveries are made by the group of survivors while many of them are exposed to a terrible fate.

Critical acclaimed and sales success in Spain, Necropolis is the second chapter on a trilogy that has renewed the genre in its original country. It was originally published in spanish by Dolmen Editorial and is available on Spain and latin-america.


iThe spanish version will be available soon as an independent iphone, ipad and ipod touch application, available through the Apple Store.