The Wanderers
The Wanderers is the first chapter of a terrific saga that spans three books.

In the Carranque camp, thirty survivors have built a shelter to keep out the folly of their lives. They have weapons, and although the task slowly wears them out and degrades them mentally, they fight for recovering a small piece of the city everyday. Meanhile, Isabel sends handwriting notes from a penthouse, but said requests for help, carried by the wind, falls idly on the faces of the dead gathered down, unnoticed. Malaga is dead, yes, but the promised eternal rest never comes to its inhabitants: only the black litany of dull dead escapes off their throats, a song that resonates in all avenues and streets. In this scenario wanders Father Isidro aswell, with his eyes veiled by a morbid madness. The dad are their caregivers. In his hand carries one of the small, neatly handwritten notes, and he knows exactly where to go.

The Wanderers introduces us in an environment of indescribable psychological pressure, exploring the darkness of human soul as it faces its worst nightmarsThe Wanderes is a heartbreakng story happening in the last days of civilization as we know it. After surviving the overwhelming pandemic that causes the dead to come back to life, the survivors faces the challenges or reaching the end of every day. The novel tells, in a visual and direct language, how the destinations of these survivors are woven around a mysterious character, Father Isidro.

Critical acclaimed and sales success in Spain, The Wanderes is the first chapter on a trilogy that is being ported to comic and has renewed the genre in its original country. It was originally published in spanish by Dolmen Editorial and is available on Spain and latin-america. It is also being published in english the USA, UK and Canada by Permuted Press.


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